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Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA)

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Canadian Freelance Union

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Honours Bachelor of Arts

Philosophy and Russian Literature (2012)

Graduate Certificate

Publishing (2014)

Master's Degree

Creative Writing (2019 Expected)

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Here's what people are saying about my work.

  • "Working with Savanna was a dream. The copy on my website was initially weak and inconsistent, but once Savanna had a chance to work her editing magic, she was able to provide clarity, an accurate tone of voice, and a consistent point of view. She helped present my brand in a way that made me feel confident about what I do, and because of this I knew my potential clients would further connect with my work. Savanna was also really efficient with her edits and was able to provide a quick turnaround that helped launch my site on time."

    Jessica Avolio
    Freelance Designer and Artist
  • "Savanna manages a copy editing team responsible for ensuring over 4,000 articles are published timely and accurately each month. She is a true professional, handling an ever-changing and fast-paced environment. Her editing team enjoys working for her yet respects her wholeheartedly, which creates an ideal atmosphere both for her team and for senior management. Simply put, she created and runs a well-oiled machine. Her ability to implement a rules-based style sheet with clear examples allows members with varying writing and analytical abilities to work cohesively from initial thought to writing, and finally to publishing. The fact that she is able to transform articles that are written by non-native English-speaking individuals into cohesive, well thought-out research, in a difficult area like finance, is a testament to her ability. If I were given an opportunity to hire Savanna in a management role, even outside of writing, copy edit, managing editing, et cetera, I would."

    Adam Perlaky
    Market Realist
  • "Savanna is thorough, detail-oriented and consistent and often returns her work ahead of deadline. She has a strong working knowledge of Canadian Press Style and quickly learned our in-house style guide. She replied to emails promptly, she's comfortable with limited direction and she's not afraid to ask questions—an absolute pleasure to work with."

    Sophie Tolias
    ANOKHI Magazine
  • "Savanna has been an integral part of our website content marketing team since we hired her for professional proofreading and editing. She has always accepted challenge and coped with even tremendous amounts of content while maintaining high quality and speed. Savanna is a great, reliable team player who has never let us down."

    Jan Andrejko
  • "During our time together as editors, Savanna led incisive and considerate interviews with well-known Canadian writers and editors like Vivek Shraya, Tamara Faith Berger, Mark Medley, Jonathan Bell, and Jillian and Mariko Tamaki. I was impressed with her level of preparation, her careful reading of literary work, and her passion for all things literary. Savanna also dedicated many hours in services of editing and copy-editing interviews for CWILA. Savanna is a hard-working, professional, creative individual held in high regard by her colleagues and collaborators."

    Andrea Bennett
    National Magazine Award–Winning Writer
  • "Savanna has helped us reduce our copy editing issues from multiple times per week to once every couple of months. Of course, our clients have been much happier since she started copy editing all of our public written work. Savanna has adjusted with great flexibility to spike in our activity, allowing our team to focus on their creative work, increasing production still further. Plus, everyone on our team enjoys working with Savanna."

    Alec Kinnear
  • "Savanna's course work was executed with care and intelligence, demonstrating a deep respect for writers' efforts and intentions. Her commitment to the art of editing shone through in her work, which was strong from the start and became ever more polished over time. I recognized Savanna as someone excited by the possibility of prose and how to engage with it—a student who welcomed constructive feedback and delivered outstanding results. She has never failed to impress me. I have, in fact, nominated Savanna for two past awards for literary merit."

    Noelle Zitzer
    Ryerson University
  • "Savanna not only provides expert proofreading and copy editing services, but she was also able to learn our internal processes instantly and jump on board smoothly. She is fast, flexible, and proactive."

    Martin Vlachynsky
  • "Savanna has a solid understanding of Canadian trade publishing processes. I think she would make a valuable addition to any organization."

    Mike O'Connor
    Ryerson University
  • "Savanna has great attention to detail and is a quick learner."

    Mona Datt
  • "Savanna is a results-driven professional eager to gain significant and diverse experience in a variety of roles. Her focus lies in collaborating with colleagues to provide value for clients by meeting their goals and exceeding their expectations. Savanna is a leader who takes responsibility for her work both individually and in team environments and thrives in fast-paced work environments with tight deadlines and limited direction."

    David Alexander
    Arbitrage Magazine
  • "Savanna did a great job cleaning up words of encouragement and deleting some redundant utterances while retaining the contextual cues and flow of our interviews. Thanks to her help, our transcript is in good shape for depositing at the library."

    Charlotte Kwok Glasser
    Stanford Historical Society
  • "Savanna is a powerhouse writer and helped this nonprofit score funding when we were denied in the past."

    Emma Connolly
  • "We have been impressed and touched by Savanna's reliable, efficient, and timely services. Well done, Savanna. We look forward to continuing to thrive with your contributions to our success."

    Elischia Fludd
    EOTO World
  • "Savanna is an exceptional and professional editor and writer. She is dependable, punctual, reliable, and enthusiastic."

    Duncan Parviainen
    Yoga Teacher

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