An experienced, professional editor.

From manuscript evaluation to blog copy-editing, I provide a range of editing services. I'm experienced and professionally trained in copy editing, proofreading, stylistic and line editing, substantive editing, indexing, and translation.

Editing is so much more than correcting spelling. It's about anticipating readers' reactions before publication, avoiding ambiguities and factual errors, getting your message across the way you intended it, and helping your written voice reflect your personality.

I can help make sure your book is well paced, that your website conveys the perfect tone for your brand, or that your article stands out. Beyond eliminating errors, I can refine your text so that it meets professional standards and engages readers while preserving your unique voice and message.

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Key Courses & Seminars

Editing Trade Fiction
Substantive and Stylistic Editing
Copy Editing for Books, Journals, and Reports
Digital Publishing and Production
The Business of Book Publishing 
Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports
Publishing Overview: Trade
Publishing Overview: Education
Scholarly and Reference Publishing
Publishing for Children
That Crepuscular Light: Metaphors and Their Hazards
The Real Story Behind Business Writing
Reading Pictures: How to Edit Graphic Novels
Beyond the Plain Language Edit
Copyright Issues in e-Merging Methods and Markets
Our Changing Language: When Does Wrong Become Right?
Editing Translations / Réviser les traductions
An Introduction to Project Management
Tabula Rasa: Setting Content Free with Tablet Magazines
Working with Self-Publishing Authors
Principes directeurs en révision professionelle
No, the Law Does Not (Normally) Require Legalese
Alternatives to Editing: Working on a Self-Publisher’s Budget
Editing for the Web Without Lowering Your Standards
Editing Copy for the Mobile Web and App Development
The “General Public” as Audience Is Not an Amorphous Mass
Book Typography 101
Copy Editing and Corpus Linguistics
Developing a House Style Guide
Editing for Advertising and Marketing
Interpreting Social Media Analytics
The Nuts and Bolts of Copy Editing Fiction
Editing in Online Entertainment
When to Use Bad English
Introduction to STEM Editing
Editing Award-Winning Proposals
Manuscript Evaluation


Copy Editing
Stylistic and Line Editing
Substantive Editing and Manuscript Evaluation
Editorial Management
Creative Writing
Copy Writing
Social Media and SEO
Microsoft Word
InDesign and Acrobat
Digital Publishing
Print Publishing

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"Savanna is thorough, detail-oriented and consistent and often returns her work ahead of deadline…an absolute pleasure to work with."

—Sophie Tolias, ANOKHI Magazine