A results-driven publishing consultant.

My interest in publishing goes beyond my love of editing, my voracious reading habits, and my personal commitment to writing. I'm also passionate about building teams and workflows that work in traditional publishing environments as well as emerging digital markets.

My extensive training and graduate studies in publishing have helped me put together talented editing teams, create editorial policies that are easy to follow, and use leading technologies to develop efficient workflows.

Whether you're embarking on a new project or looking to breathe new life into an existing project, I can help you build a publication that works from the bottom up so that you can focus on your product.


Efficient workflows.

Success starts with a thorough understanding of best practices and your niche market. From untangling copyright restrictions to choosing the appropriate style guide for your text, I can help you lay the foundation for a successful publishing business.

Talented teams.

The best editorial teams are built not only on skill and experience but also on shared values and the right cultural fit. I can help you find the best talent in your budget and ensure that new team members understand your business and are personally committed to sharing in your success.

Proven results.

With clear and accessible policies, the right technological tools, and passionate teams of professionals, we can make sure your publication is on the right track. I'd be happy to apply my publishing expertise and management skills to your business or project.

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Blue Sky

"Savanna created and runs a well-oiled machine. Her ability to implement a rules-based style sheet with clear examples allows members with varying writing and analytical abilities to work cohesively from initial thought to writing, and finally to publishing."

—Adam Perlaky, Market Realist